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Social Media Target, LLC is John Rector’s social media agency.

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Human beings are transforming into digitally-savvy beings. As your agent in these massive online communities, we represent your interest. We do so using proper protocols and etiquette.

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Social media is software that exists both in “The Cloud” and your human premise (typically a smartphone). We know how that software creates and manages unique experiences for each human. We know how to please both the humans and the artificial intelligent software agents.

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Digitally-savvy beings will soon outnumber human beings. As with all paradigm shifts, there will be winners and losers. Let us help you WIN! Welcome to your future.


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When you’re ready, I’m ready.


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We have implemented solutions for our clients in the following general business areas:

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To get the help that will change your life, click on the “Submit” button below to schedule your first appointment.




Mr. Rector teaches classes every week. Check the calendar for upcoming classes.

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We don’t need you to buy our software! We don’t need you to download our app! We don’t need you to use our cloud! We don’t want or need your email.


Mr. Rector has 30 years of information technology experience working on projects at these companies:

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A domestic for-profit Limited Liability Corporation in good standing registered with the state of South Carolina. The effective date is 5/25/2011.

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Social Media Target, LLC reduced the cycle time for fan-generated stories by 72% for the Charleston Riverdogs through process redesign and a new hardware and software implementation. We reduced costs by 32% while improving advanced ticket sales revenues by 26% at The Windjammer using an innovative content marketing strategy using Facebook Live.




We’re teaching classes on social media tactics and management. We’re launching a new style of social media campaigns that please both humans and algorithms that have already demonstrated significant results.

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Mr. Rector is available to speak to small and large groups on artificial intelligence and “The Human Experience”.

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Consulting Services

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Mastery Program

365 days course access + private phone sessions + certificate of completion (assuming you complete)






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