Social Media Target, LLC is the world-renowned social media agency most notable for its consistent 7-10% engagement rate with millions of people (700 days in a row)!

John Rector can teach you how or do it for you. His rate is $60 per hour. No long term contracts. Pay as you go.

We’ve helped dozens of highly successful businesses/Brands use social media for marketing, sales, customer service, PR, R&D, supplier collaborations, new product introductions, hiring, employee portals, etc.

The author of “The Secret to Social Media” and the “4 States of Human Attention”.

Products & Services:

  • Consulting
  • Education
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Social Media Management (turnkey)
  • Brand Partnerships

Look around. Do you see anyone on their smartphone? 1 in 3 are on a social media app. Social Media is the #1 app responsible for 33% of screen time in 2019.

$657B in market value will migrate from losers to winners in 2019. All of those winners will have a solid social media strategy and execution. 
Let us help you win. We can teach you how or do it for you.

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Digitally-savvy beings will soon outnumber human beings. As with all paradigm shifts, there will be winners and losers. Let us help you WIN!
We ask Google more questions than any other entity including leaders, teachers, experts, and trusted friends. We don’t go to social media for answers. We go for surprise & wonder. Alphabet, Inc. sells answers. Facebook, Inc. sells surprise and wonder.

The world’s dominant language in 2019

Let me give you the dog and the cat of it. You need “dog park etiquette” and “cat cohabitation”. That’s it. That is your 2019 social media strategy. That is all you need to do. Do these two things well and you will be successful in 2019.