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Social Media Target, LLC is John Rector’s world-renowned social media agency. His high converting social media ads reach millions of people each and every day for the 82 corporations that he serves.

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Look around. Do you see anyone on their smartphone? 2 out of every 5 are on a social media app. Social Media is the #1 app responsible for 40% of screen time in 2019.

The Top 5 companies on the planet are software companies investing billions every year in artificial intelligence.

John Rector is the IBM executive that co-founded the world-renowned E2open and Social Media Target, LLC.

He transformed several social media properties into money-making appreciable assets with positive cash flow. He may do the same for your business.

Ready to unleash the power of social media for your business? Hire a social media expert. Contact Us.

The world’s new business software programming language in 2020

Social media is software. Billions of customers, employees and suppliers use this software each and every day, multiple times per day.

Your customers already have a userid and password to your business app. They’re already trained on how to use your business app.

The only real question is “Is your business trained on how to use your business app?”

Learn how to use your very own business app that is already installed on every smart device in your commerce ecosystem!

John Rector will design, implement and manage your business app for marketing, sales, customer support, supplier relations, and brand management.

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