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Social Media Target, LLC is John Rector’s social media agency.

We help you and your brand(s) live in harmony in these massive online communities where the unwritten rules (governed by artificial intelligent software agents) can make or break you.


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Human beings are compelled by evolution to give and get human attention. Social media makes this easier and it’s free to use. However, there is nothing easy about giving or getting human attention. This is a very complicated and messy process we call “The Human Experience”. Massive ONLINE communities (MOCs) complicate matters:

  1. our typical human etiquette does not naturally convey to online experiences.

  2. software agents make the laws and enforce the laws without any human oversight.

  3. we learn later that free is not free. We pay a price. We exchange our data about us for free software that opens the looking glass (on our mobile device) to a world of complicated human interactions on a scale not understood or approved of by our parents.

Social Media is NOT media

If you can’t wrap your head around the fact that social media is just a free and easy way to do human interactions then please know this:

Social media is NOT media. Social media is NOT a newspaper, a magazine, a movie, a book, a TV Show, a concert or a song. All media just mentioned is experienced the same by all.

Although we all participate in “The Human Experience”, no two humans have had the same human experience. The rules are the same (i.e. 24 hour day) but every human has their own unique experiences.

Although a few participate in “Social Media”, no two humans have ever had the same social media experience. The rules are the same (i.e. Share) but every user has their own unique experiences created and managed by the same artificial intelligent software agent as everyone else.

When you’re ready, I’m ready.


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We have implemented solutions for our clients in the following general business areas:

 SMT Solution portfolio
We use the Social Cloud to implement supplier collaboration systems and employee intranets.
To get the help that will change your life, click on the “Submit” button below to schedule your first appointment.


Mr. Rector teaches classes every week. Check the calendar for upcoming classes.

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We don’t need you to buy our software! We don’t need you to download our app! We don’t need you to use our cloud! We don’t want or need your email.

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Mr. Rector has 30 years of information technology experience working on projects at these companies:

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Our solutions achieve the desired outcome in record time at a fraction of the traditional costs. We’ve done this for sales organizations, product management business flows, research & development and customer service.

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A domestic for-profit Limited Liability Corporation in good standing registered with the state of South Carolina. The effective date is 5/25/2011.

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Social Media Target, LLC reduced the cycle time for fan-generated stories by 72% for the Charleston Riverdogs through process redesign and a new hardware and software implementation. We reduced costs by 32% while improving advanced ticket sales revenues by 26% at The Windjammer using an innovative content marketing strategy using Facebook Live.



We’re teaching classes on social media tactics and management. We’re launching a new style of social media campaigns that please both humans and algorithms that have already demonstrated significant results.

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We’ve worked with Facebook on a beta program to implement a “booking process” using Facebook Workplace. Mr. Rector has presented to industry leaders and politicians on smartphone behavioral standards.

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Call John Rector at +1-843-327-6008 to discuss your business needs or Contact Us.

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Mastery Program

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