Online shopping will exceed $130,000,000,000 USD worldwide this year. That is a 20% increase from last year. In the United States of America, Thanksgiving weekend online sales will exceed $20,000,000,000. What’s really different this year from last is the number of transactions that are completed using a smartphone.

For the first time ever, more transactions will be completed using a thumb on a smartphone versus a mouse scroll on a browser.

city sales

The vast majority of these thumb-scrolling and big-blue-button-pushing smartphone Christmas BUYERS (not shoppers) will participate in shopping experiences staged in real brick and mortar retail spaces. That sentence was very carefully worded.

Staging shopping experiences in 2017 require imagination and authenticity. Unfortunately the term “staged” has a stigma of “fake”. A music store that does a Facebook Live performance of a local band with the owner/manager in the store has far better chances of increasing profitable sales and sustainable relationships this season than a music store that syndicates a 40% discounted blue light special with an email spam campaign using stock footage.

The vast majority of humans will participate in shopping experiences that are staged in brick and mortar retail spaces. 





Written by jsrector

The founder of a multi-channel cloud software company. A highly experienced high tech executive that consults with heads of states, chief executives, celebrities, producers, fellows, artists, authors, engineers, global brand managers and small business owners solving some of the most complex business problems on our beautiful planet.

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