Why are we binary?

Binary-Star-2-PhotoI’ve said it before. Most stars are binary.
They orbit each other.
Most binary star system have planets.

Planets very rarely orbit both in a figure eight configuration. They orbit BOTH or they tend to orbit ONE. With each passing their orbits are altered slightly.
I believe STARS orbit each because its their natural state
God’s state
I believe our star (the sun) has a partner.

Her name is Nemesis
She’s been missing for 26 million years
When she returns we’re all going to have to adapt.

She will disrupt the very fabric of space time.
BUT I’m glad most “couples” in our universe get along for billions of years
They eventually all collide
When they do,
They become ONE!
They become something new
How beautiful is that!!

Author: John Rector

John Rector is a highly accomplished entrepreneur and consultant with a successful track record in multiple industries. He is a former IBM executive who co-founded the globally recognized companies e2open and Social Media Target. He is also a co-owner of Rainbow Packaging Corporation and the owner of Mind Media Group. John not only operates his own businesses, but also provides implementation services for other companies and teaches courses in art and AI at his Mt. Pleasant, SC office. He offers customized consulting services on an hourly or monthly basis and is available for in-person meetings at his Charleston, SC office, or over the phone. To schedule a consultation, simply purchase an hour of his time using the button on the "Pay Online" menu option.

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