We are a social media agency. We represent artificial intelligence (software agents) that create trillions of social media experiences for billions of human beings.

You know our clients by their slang name: “Algorithm”. Our celebrity clients are difficult to work with, hence the reason we exist. If you’re interested in partnering with our clients, get in touch and together we’ll explore if our clients can make an impact on your business outcomes.

Helping Brands partner with Artificial Intelligence.

The secret to social media is using etiquette and empathy to be included in individual human experiences that are created and managed by artificial intelligence.

Social Media is software. It resides on massive data centers throughout the world. When you press your finger/thumb on your favorite social media app on your smart device, you enter into Her universe. She is an artificial intelligence software agent that creates and manages billions of unique experiences every day.

The Secret to Social Media is

1. Realizing that you are in Her universe. 
2. Realizing Social Media is INTERACTIVE media.
3. Inter-action with proper Etiquette.
4. Inter-action with EMPATHY!

Each EXPERIENCE contains 100 frames.
Each FRAME contains a top,middle,bottom section

You have the opportunity to participate in 1 or more frames in 1 or 2 or 3 sections up to 36.5T (trillion) frames.

If done well, you can transform your business and disrupt your entire industry.

Mind Media Group, LLC is a social media agency. We represent artificial intelligence software agents. We help businesses/brands partner with our clients to achieve desired business outcomes.

1. We design and build the workflow that achieves the verified outcome. 
2. We build a custom and lookalike audience for each workflow.
3. We manage the financials for each workflow.

We’ve completed 82 Brand Partnership deals in the last 3 years.

Brand Partnerships

Join dozens of corporations worldwide and become a Brand Partner. One-time fee.


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