We help organizations design, promote, and execute successful events in the Charleston, SC market.

Menu of Services:

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  1. Plan and executive the full PR/Marketing package for your event(s):
  2. Managing a consistent message across the full spectrum of stakeholders (media, sponsors, subcontractors, venue operator(s), vendors, etc.)
  3. Coordinate all or a portion of the project and ensure all deadlines are met.
  4. Be available via my iPhone (call or text) for any and all to help them with their slice of the pie.
  5. Develop a strong messaging strategy for all stakeholders including but not limited to sponsors, vendors, special guests, key influencers, industry experts, VIPs, local celebrities, media and bloggers.
  6. Develop an INTIMATE set of integrated messages for the EVENT ATTENDEES
  7. Be available for the entire lifecycle of this project from messaging creation and sponsorship management until AFTER the reviews start hitting social media and the media days (weeks) AFTER the event.
  8. Help the sponsorship committee close deals.
  9. Create and execute a promotional plan and provide the tools for the extended team to EASILY get the word out in an effective and brand consistent manner.
  10. Create, install, train, facilitate and manage the internal team’s collaboration portal used for FAST and EFFECTIVE conflict resolution!
  11. Create beautiful tweets, Facebook Stories, Instagram captions, blog posts, press releases and media kits including the images and videos.
  12. Implement highly ENGAGING SOCIAL MEDIA posts as part of a well thought out and integrated social media strategy.
  13. Coordinate with the email marketing team on templates, scripts and messaging and be of service to them.
  14. Define, analyze, measure and continually adjust based on the insights and the “feedback loop”.
  15. Advise on how best to use your website including but not limited to keyword phrase suggestions.
  16. Create and manage Facebook paid campaign(s).
  17. Identify and OPTIMIZE our public relations efforts based on the feedback loop.
  18. Grow existing marketing assets (followers, Page Likes and e-list subscribers)
  19. DEVELOP and execute a well thought HASHTAG campaign.
  20. Gather and deliver trackable results to the management and leadership team(s).
  21. Build, install, monitor and manage a command & control operations center for your event that coordinates activities across local government, public safety, event attendees, vendors, suppliers, talent, volunteers and personnel.
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We helped create wonderful memories for over 210,000 guests that attended over 120 events in 2016 in the Charleston, SC vicinity.

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