$1,250 One Time Fee

MMG Logo 800x800Ad-vertainments are 1 minute entertaining videos that include your employees, customers and or vendors with logo and product placement in the main body of the video.

These videos are designed to be shared with your individual customers on their birthday, special occassions and as a demonstration of gratitude.

Delivered to you digitally

Included in this price is . . .

  • Licensed music
  • All the video equipment, lighting, sound equipment and software to produce a 1 minute video.
  • The Crew
  • Video editing and rendering
  • The Storyboard and the story telling process
  • The shot list (the scenes we need to shoot)
  • Overall Project Management – We send out the notifications to cast & crew
  • Direction (Director) on the day of the video shoot

NOT included in this price . . .

  • Our crew does NOT include hair stylist or make-up artist.  If you need one or both we can arrange and adjust the schedule to accommodate but at an additional fee.
  • The Cast. You provide the cast (customers, employees, vendors, etc.)  PS.  We know how to make a “Casting Call” fun and sometimes even profitable.
  • Credits.  If you so desire to have credits roll at the end of the video we can arrange to do so.   An additional fee is required.

Feel free to call me at 843-327-6008 to schedule a time to discuss your video.

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