Pay as you go offerings:

Education / Training Services

I have personally trained over 100,000 business professionals on various topics.  I have extensive professional training from IBM’s education partners in facilitating and teaching large and small classes of students on various topics.  Regardless of the size of the class, the price is the same. Many of my medium sized clients will sell tickets to the class and actually end up making money on the event.  As the number of students increase per class, the level of personal interaction decreases.  I also teach certified continuing education classes on digital/mobile/social media topics.

“There Can Be No Knowledge Without Emotion. We May Be Aware Of A Truth, Yet Until We Have Felt Its Force, It Is Not Ours. To The Cognition Of The Brain Must Be Added The Experience Of The Soul.” — Arnold Bennett, British Novelist.

Creative Services:

I have been very lucky in life.  I’ve had the privilege of creating magic with Prime Ministers, Pontiffs, Generals, Founders, Inventors, Research Fellows, Musicians, Artists, Film Makers and Writers.  Let me be your “pay as you go” Creative Director.  Together we can ideate and create (a) Advertising Campaigns, (b) Communication Designs, (c) User Experiences, (d) Interactive Designs, (e) Conceptual Models, (f) Process Designs and (g) Publicity Stunts when you want for as long as you want.  You decide.

leo-burnett-on-creative-peopleDesign Services:

I rely on my team to do my design services.  I love the ideation process but not so much knowing every feature of Photoshop or Final Cut Pro or WordPress or Lucidchart.  SO! I have a team of graphic artists, web designers, copywriters, software engineers, etc. that would love to help you with any of the following (a) Branding (Logo, Banner, Covers, Thumbnails, Profiles, Themes, Backgrounds, Fonts, etc.), (b) Mobile App Designs (c) Web Designs (d) Graphic Designs (e) Motion Graphics (f) 3D Models (g) Ghost Writing (h) Song/Jingle Writing.

“Design, in its broadest sense, is the enabler of the digital era – it’s a process that creates order out of chaos, that renders technology usable to business. Design means being good, not just looking good.” — Clement Mok

Implementation Services:

My typical job during implementation of hardware, software and know-how is what I call “herding the cats” 🙂  I’m usually the project leader that makes sure everyone and everything is ready to do its part.  Implementations need love, understanding, patience, discipline and most of all –> leadership! I’m that guy.

“Concentrate all you thoughts upon the work at hand.  The sun’s rays do not burn until brought to a focus.” — Alexander Graham Bell

Video Production Services:

Rent us by the hour (3 hour minimum) to help you tell your video story.  We have video, lighting and audio equipment and expertise.  The clock begins when we arrive on location or in studio.  After we complete shooting your video we will hand you the raw footage so you can edit and upload it.  Mind Media Group has over 35 years in combined experiences with shooting videos for large and small companies and non profit organizations.  Use the link below to hire us.

Business Consulting Services:

Hourly rate for business consulting services is $85.00 USD per hour.  One (1) hour minimum.  Travel and living expenses are not included in this price (if required).

Mr. Rector has consulted with Global Fortune 100 companies for several decades on supply chains, product lifecycle management, enterprise resource planning, total quality management, inventory management, demand planning, brand management as well as several other core business processes.   His methods for business consulting include (a) situation analysis (b) interviews (c) problem identification with root cause analysis (d) solution alternatives comparisons.  The “deliverable” is a verbal or written report on my findings, recommendations and an action plan.

Advice on Demand:

f you are in a tight squeeze and you need Mr. Rector’s advice quickly over the phone or via Skpe, you can request his attention to your matter by selecting 1 of the 3 options below and then CALL 843-327-6008 to check on availability.  If he cannot help he will refund your money (via PayPal).

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