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We guarantee our results!

Are you disappointed in your Facebook advertising results?

We guarantee our results!

Our team of experts will create, launch, monitor and continuously adjust your Facebook advertisements until your guaranteed results are achieved.

Here’s the step by step instructions:

Step 1:

Call John Rector (your Creative Director) at +1-843-327-6008 and be prepared to discuss your business and your advertising objectives for about 45 minutes.

Step 2:

Mr. Rector will “run the numbers” using his proprietary methodology developed and proven successful over the last 5 years. Assuming the numbers come back positive, he will call you with the results and give you a guarantee and an associated price. That price could be as low as $120 for a guaranteed advertising reach of a few thousand qualified individuals that have a buying tendency toward your product or service.

Step 3:

Assuming you agreed to the guarantee and the associated price, please pay the $100 non-refundable deposit. Once, the deposit is paid, John Rector and his team of creatives will begin designing and building your advertising campaign for your review. This can take as long as 7 days depending on the creatives’ schedules.

Step 4:

We will send our advertising campaign design to you for your review. You will be able to discuss and request changes. If changes were requested, we will make those changes and resubmit our campaign for your approval.


FB Ad Example
An example of a Facebook Ad Campaign designed for Page Likes.


Step 5:

You will APPROVE our work by paying the balance due.

Step 6:

We will build, load and submit your advertising campaign to Facebook for their approval. NOTE: In the rare instance, Facebook rejects the campaign, we redesign and resubmit at no additional charge to you.

Step 7:

Once Facebook approves, we will LAUNCH your Facebook advertising campaign on a date and time of OUR choosing to optimize results. A portion of our trade secret is knowing WHEN to launch your campaign.

Step 8:

We will monitor your campaign and make adjustments if necessary to improve its performance until it reaches its goal. Once your Guarantee is met, we will close your campaign.

Step 9:

We will send you a report with the advertising campaigns actual performance insights.

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