You can purchase products and services from this website by the hour or outcome:

Pay per hour for consulting services.

Consulting Services

Pay by the hour. No minimum required.


Pay for outcomes (verifiable evidence of value exchange)

Tuition (per student per semester)

After completing these courses you get a certificate of completion (assuming you complete). All class materials are accessible 7/24 online via a mobile app and/or browser. Each student is granted 2 hours of individual training via phone conversations with the instructor(s) that spans the entire Semester (6 months). Additional individual instruction may be purchased at anytime during the semester.


Pay for outcomes (verifiable evidence of value exchange)

Video License

License any ONE video from John Rector's Beach Studio's library on Facebook for only $79. John Rector's Beach Studio uses Facebook's RIGHTS MANAGER. The email RECEIPT from PayPal is your license. Once RIGHTS MANAGER (Facebook's software) flags your content, I will GRANT ACCESS assuming I have the $79 already. If not, I will simply CLAIM my rights and the AI software agent will deal with you. I rigorously manage my copyrights worldwide since RIGHTS MANAGER makes it so easy.


Pay for outcomes (verifiable evidence of value exchange)

Promote your Business

I will place your clickable logo on 5,000 smartphones during primetime. The outcome is evident on YOUR INSIGHTS.


Pay for outcomes (verifiable evidence of value exchange)

Social Wall

Per month charge for a Social Wall. Minimum of a year (50% due prior to installation). This price does NOT include the actual monitor.