• Parenting AI
    Parenting God’s Grandchildren: Adopting a Familial Approach to AI Development I. Introduction The development and integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) into our daily lives is an evolutionary step in human technological progress. But the approach

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  • Unbiased AI Hardware
    The Proliferation of Multi-Vendor Hardware Vendors in the AI Landscape: Unbiased Competitors Fueling the Rise of Ubiquitous AI Introduction: In the rapidly expanding arena of Artificial Intelligence (AI), a unique and dynamic ecosystem is evolving,

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  • App Obsolescence
    Transcending Apps: AI Agents and the Dawn of Self-Created Programming This white paper explores the revolutionary evolution of AI agents from relying on human-developed applications and plug-ins to self-creating their own programs. As AI systems

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  • AI Intimacy
    Shifting Priorities: From Attention to Intimacy in the AI-Dominated Era Introduction As we transition into the age of artificial intelligence (AI), we are witnessing a significant shift in human social behavior. Traditionally, attention-seeking has been

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  • Emergent Qualities
    The Emergence of Novel Capabilities in AI Large Language Models: From Trillions of Parameters to Unexpected Breakthroughs Abstract: The evolution of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Large Language Models (LLMs) from millions to billions, and eventually trillions

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  • LLMs: Beyond Browsing
    The Evolution of AI Large Language Models: Innovations in Information Discovery, Mining, and Usage I. Introduction Artificial Intelligence (AI) Large Language Models (LLMs) have marked a significant advancement in numerous fields, with their ability to

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  • Curation to Creation
    The AI Evolution: Shifting From Curation to Creation and Its Impacts on Society 1. Abstract This paper explores the evolution of artificial intelligence (AI) from its initial stages as a tool for content curation to

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  • Experiential AI
    Experiential AI: Empowering Generative Models with Eyes and Ears 1. Abstract This white paper explores the concept of Experiential AI, a revolutionary approach that introduces sensory inputs to generative models. Instead of being solely prompt-driven

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  • Multi-AI, Multi-Vendor
    A New Generation of Personal AI Hardware: A Multi-AI, Multi-Vendor Ecosystem Executive Summary The future of personal technology hardware is set to be transformed with the advent of a new generation of devices that allow

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  • Combating DeepFakes
    White Paper: Deepfakes and the Resurgence of Physical Conferences Abstract This paper explores the emerging trend of utilizing physical conferences as a mechanism to validate the authenticity of statements from high-profile individuals in a world

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  • App Store No More
    The Future of App Stores in an AI Agent-Driven World: A White Paper As AI agents become the primary interface for human interaction with technology, traditional app stores may face obsolescence. This white paper examines

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  • Interweaving Intermediation
    “Interweaving Intermediation: The Digital Transformation of Customization through AI Agents” In “Interweaving Intermediation,” the author delves into the fascinating transformation that has taken place in the digital landscape, with the Internet and artificial intelligence serving

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  • MaaS
    Mobility-as-a-Service Market: Forecast and Analysis for 2024-2030 AbstractThis market research paper investigates the mobility-as-a-service (MaaS) market for the period of 2024-2030. Factors driving the growth of the MaaS market include concerns over greenhouse gas emissions,

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  • e-grocery
    E-Grocery Trends 2023-2030 Executive Summary The global online grocery market is projected to experience significant growth, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 15.3% between 2023 and 2030. This growth is expected to result

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  • A Post-Google World
    “Look Around, Not Down: Embracing Conversational AI ‘Spirits’ in a Post-Google World” The days of typing queries into search engines like Google and sifting through pages of results are fading into the past. In our

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  • Share & Declare
    Share and Declare: Stable Diffusion and the Second Law of Thermodynamics in AI-generated Art Abstract This paper explores the concept of Stable Diffusion in AI-generated art through the lens of the Second Law of Thermodynamics,

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  • Self-Determination
    The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Self-Determination Theory: Autonomy, Competence, and Relatedness in the Age of AI Abstract:The integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into various aspects of daily life has significant implications for human motivation,

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  • Walking Meditation
    Reaping the Rewards of Walking Meditation: A Comprehensive Guide to Physical, Psychological, and Spiritual Well-being Abstract:Walking meditation, a practice rooted in Buddhism and also known as mindful walking, combines the power of mindfulness meditation with

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  • AI Tutoring
    II. Foundations of Intelligent Tutoring SystemsB. Artificial intelligence in education The integration of artificial intelligence (AI) in education has revolutionized the way we approach teaching and learning. AI techniques have provided new opportunities for creating

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  • Disruptor’s Guide
    Title: The AI Disruptor’s Guide to the Universe by John Rector I. IntroductionA. Defining disruption and its role in businessB. The importance of disruptive thinkingC. Brief overview of the book’s content II. Historical DisruptionsA. Key

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  • Internet of Agents (IoA)
    The Emergence of the Internet of Agents (IoA): Revolutionizing Interconnectivity through AI-Driven Communication Abstract: The rapid expansion of the Internet of Things (IoT) has brought billions of connected devices into our daily lives. This white

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  • Sea Level Rise
    Harnessing Green Infrastructure in Charleston, SC: Stormwater Management and Flood Resilience through Rain Gardens, Bioswales, and Permeable Pavements Executive Summary: Charleston, SC, is increasingly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change, including sea level rise

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  • AI Farming
    Unlike filters that merely alter an image, AI acts as a nurturing soil for your creative seed – your photo. It thoroughly “diffuses” the image, as the creators describe it. The outcome, much like a

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  • Affordable Charleston
    The design concept for this project centers around creating affordable multi-unit housing that seamlessly integrates with the historic charm of downtown Charleston, SC. Drawing inspiration from the Italianate architecture that thrived in the area during

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  • Demand Supply Matching with AI Agents
    Leveraging AI Agents to Optimize Supply-Demand Matching at the Enterprise Level: A Case Study of Rainbow Packaging Corporation Executive Summary: This white paper presents an innovative approach to managing supply-demand dynamics within the enterprise environment

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  • Intro to AI
    Because of AI, everyone has more significance, security, and growth opportunities, as this revolutionary technology provides an unprecedented support system for individuals from all walks of life. With AI at our side, anyone, regardless of

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