Relationship Management through Effective Social Media Management

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Social Media Target, LLC will be your voice, eyes and ears on the most critical and most public of all routes to market: SOCIAL MEDIA! The only reason you are reading this is that you know how important social media is to your desired business outcomes. Welcome! You’re in good hands:

We will. . .

  1. Monitor & RESPOND to social media posts that impact your brand(s)
  2. Create Engaging Content for your social media sites
  3. Build and Manage Relationships with your Key Influencers
  4. Measure, Analyze and Continuously Improve your social media based on data-driven analytics

Monitoring & Response Service Offering:

  1. We will monitor your Twitter ©, Instagram ©, and Facebook © for posts that are impactful (negative or positive) on your brand(s).
  2. We will take appropriate action in a timely manner on your behalf. We will RESPOND to reviews, comments, inquiries on your behalf assuming we have the knowledge to do so. When we don’t know how to respond, we will call or text you. We will respond within 1-72 hours of an impactful occurrence regardless of time zone every day regardless of international holidays. A one-hour response time is more expensive than a 72-hour response time service level agreement.

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Create Engaging Content Service Offering

  1. We will DESIGN your highly customized ORIGINAL stories using a conversation lifecycle methodology that ensures your stories will be interesting, engaging, thought-provoking, entertaining and conversational.
  2. We will BUILD your stories. We will create the COPY and the ART.
  3. We will PUBLISH your stories on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Snapchat, LinkedIn, etc. NATIVELY using the most sophisticated HYPERLINKS to ensure your publish stories REACHES its desired targeted audience.

Key Influencer Relationship Service Offering

We will build relationships with your brand’s KEY INFLUENCERS on their social media platform of choice. These key influencers may be customers, prospects, industry thought leaders, academia, event participants, suppliers or competitors.

  1. We develop a relationship strategy for EACH.
  2. We locate EACH key influencers in/on/around the Internet.
  3. We document the influencers’ digital profile:

– Frequency
– Seasonality
– Platform(s) of choice
– Technology of choice
– Style (publishing)
– Style (engagement)
– Privacy settings

After we have a documented profile on EACH Key Influencer, we

  1. develop the tactical relationship engagement map,
  2. execute that tactical relationship engagement map which includes RESPONDING to their inquiries and comments ON and OFFLINE!.
  3. monitor the “engagement list” for activity.
  4. monitor for changed behavior.
  5. develop KPIs for EACH key relationship.

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Social Media Continuous Improvement Service Offering

  1. We will INSTALL various “listeners” in your physical and digital environments to COLLECT detailed data about your social media activities.
  2. We will ANALYZE that raw data
  3. We will SUMMARIZE that raw data in a collaborative portal that allows you to interact with the team on CONCLUSIONS, RECOMMENDATIONS, IDEAS, FIXES, CHANGES, etc.
  4. We will continuously improve your social media based on this feedback loop rather your opt to collaborate in the portal or not. The collaboration portal will be installed on your phone regardless.

Contact John Rector at +1-843-327-6008 to discuss your particular business needs.

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